Log Cabins

Log Cabins

Log cabins can be both an extravagant extension of the house or a functional space to fulfil a particular need. They can be enjoyed all year round and become a home…not so far from home.

We can help with
After initially discussing the big ideas ideas we will layout the best options for you moving forward. We can explain in plain english construction methods and materials and even create some visual designs to bring the ideas to life.
We are on hand to walk you through the many options there are available to you to create your very own beautiful personal amazing space.


Log Cabin Services As Standard
• Bespoke
• Pre-fab
• Chalet
• Garden room
• Sheds
• Decking
• Treatment
• Windows and doors
• Repairs
• Utilities
• Lighting
• Free consultation
• Free quote
• Free design
• Domestic and commercial
• Work guarantee
• Qualified installers
• Waste away
• Materials supplied

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Log Cabins

Most garden rooms are of timber construction but that’s not the only option. Garden rooms can be built all year round but the opportune time is in the spring so that it’s ready for the summer.
Planning permission is often not required for log cabins but when you have some rough plans you should check.

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Things to consider:
• Purpose of
• Bespoke or Pre fab
• Specifications
• Utilities
• Seasonal or year round usage


What to expect
Most bespoke garden rooms take 1-3 weeks depending on size and spec. Firstly, a foundation will be laid and then the main structure erected. There after its all down to your spec.
Disruption is usually minimal.

Log Cabins

Hints and Tips
• Some garden rooms may require planning permission
• For better quality, bespoke is always best
• Some can be used all year round
• Full double-glazing and doors can be used
• Treat your garden room for a longer life


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