Free Consultation and Quote

Consultation and Quote

A.S. Property services provide all our customers with a free consultation and quote, no matter how big or small the job maybe.


Free Consultation

We are happy to provide you with free professional advice or just a friendly chat to help you better understand the project your thinking of undertaking.

It will always be of benefit to meet and discuss jobs in person, speaking in plain English giving you an opportunity to meet the team and for us to fully understand your requirements.

Upon completing our consultation we can offer you a free no obligation quotation.

We look forward to seeing you!


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Free Consultation and Quote

Free Quotation

We offer free no obligation quotes for all our clients whatever the job maybe.

Your quotation will be written in plain English and include all the job specifics leaving you in no doubt exactly what we have priced and what the bottom line is.

We are proud to say that where possible, your quote will be with you on the same day of the consultation.

We like to remain as competitive as possible, so if you receive a cheaper comparable quote please let us know and we will Endeavour to match it.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Download an example of our quote here.

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