Fencing may seem like a just a practical solution to keeping your neighbors out and for the most part, that’s what it is. However with some thought, it’s possible to create something a little more special adding character to your garden.


We can help with
We offer you a complete service for all aspects of fencing, from advice on styles, materials and garden integration, to sourcing, installation and treatments.


Fencing Services As Standard
• All fencing styles
• Security measures
• Treatments
• Repairs
• Security fencing
• Gates
• Trellis
• Free consultation
• Free quote
• Free design
• Domestic and commercial
• Work guarantee
• Qualified installers
• Waste away
• Materials supplied

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Double check its your fence first! After which there are many styles and ranges of fencing to choose from to suit every budget.
Generally speaking 6 foot is the highest you can have your fence from ground level. If you’re worried about security, please mention this and we can advise you on the choices available to you.

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Things to consider:
• Is the fence yours
• From where to where
• All new or partially replacing
• Security
• Fencing style
• Post Style
• Colour
• Height
• Materials, wood or alternative


What to expect
Initially we will be setting out and concreting posts into position. After which, panels are placed or featheredge boards pinned.
The average garden fence can take 2-5 days depending on the size and particulars.


Hints and Tips
• Before re-treating, jet wash any algae build up
• Posts cannot be set where tree stumps and big roots reside
• Post savers increase the life of wooden posts


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