Turfing is a great choice if you wish to instantly transform particular area or all of your garden. Although the preparation can be labour intensive, you will be amazed how quickly it comes together and how instantly fabulous it looks.


What we offer
We can advise you on the need for it, its alternatives and to the type of turf most suited for you. After which we can source, prepare and lay your turf leaving you with the knowledge of how to care for it once we have finished.


Turfing Services As Standard
• Landscaping
• Leveling
• Turfing
• Sourcing
• Aftercare
• Free consultation
• Free quote
• Free design
• Domestic and commercial
• Work guarantee
• Qualified installers
• Waste away
• Materials supplied

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Turfing will generally be the last thing you do in any landscaping project, this is because the turf should not be walked upon immediately after laying. Therefore we need to know what the big picture is before starting.

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Things to consider:
• Whole garden or a specific area
• Does the garden need to be levelled
• What, if any, other works are there?
• How and by whom will this new turf be used


What to expect
Initially, in preparation for the turf the current lawn will need to be scalped, i.e. remove the existing layer of grass. Once the ground underneath is exposed it will be rotivated allowing for the garden to be levelled. A mixture of fertiliser and topsoil will then be added after which the turf can then be laid.
From start to finish an average garden may take 3-5 days to complete.


Hints and Tips
• Spring and summer are the best times to lay turf
• Complete other landscaping projects before turfing
• Don’t walk on the newly laid turf for around 2-3 months
• Buy a sprinkler
• Ask us for advice on suitable type of turf


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