Engineers and Architechts


Your architect will be responsible for the design of your project, its aesthetics and its practical layout. For a big project they will almost certainly be a first point of call, they will enable us to provide an accurate quote.

You can employ architects to run a project from concept to finish however this may prove costly and generally there is no need. The architect is also able to submit the plans to council.


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Engineers and Architects

Structural Engineers

A structural engineer and an architect generally go hand in hand. Is very likely that the engineer will predominantly be in the back ground as a consultant for the architect.

Structural engineers are responsible for making all the critical structural equations to make sure what we build wont bend, twist, deflect or fail under the planned loads.
Your engineer will satisfy the council that the designs are safe.


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Hints And Tips

• Be sure to use qualified professionals
• Our recommendations come with proven working relationships
• To obtain a meaningful quote we need to have the architects drawings
• Engineers generally consult directly for the architects

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