Carpentry covers a broad spectrum of specialisms within the trade like site carpentry and joinery. All carpentry can be broken down into 2 distinct stages, first fix and second fix.


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Carpentry Services As Standard
First Fix
• Stud walls
• Door frames
• Cladding
Second Fix
• Window frames
• Doors
• Architrave
• Skirting
• Floorboards
• Wardrobes
Bespoke projects

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• Free quote
• Free design
• Domestic and commercial
• Work guarantee
• Qualified installers
• Waste away
• Materials supplied

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There is typically little planning to do with regards to first fix as these are mainly all predetermined in architect’s plans.
With second fix, generally speaking its all a matter of taste. There are many different woods, mouldings and finishes to choose from that will essentially all function the same, so it’s really just what you like!
Wood is a natural product so for a long life, it will require some care.
A common maintenance free alternative is UPVC which is used for making windows and doors.
Large exterior projects are best suited to start in spring/summer.

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Things to consider:
• Interior/Exterior
• Type of wood
• Treated or non-treated
• Finish – natural, painted or stained
• Style
• Wood or UPVC
• Solid wood, veneered or laminate


What to expect
First fix carpentry can be intermittently noisy due to the types of tools commonly used. Where possible, cutting will be done outside to prevent any build up of dust in the home.
With regards to second fix fixtures like doors and windows, these will be made off site and then brought to site when ready to fit and generally less intrusive.


Hints and Tips
• Large exterior projects best to start in spring/summer
• Head to specialised timber merchants to grasp the choices available
• Solid wood is more expensive and requires more care


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